Customer Experience Management

Automatic Call Center


100% answering calls
Don't miss a customer!

Customer Service


Ringless CEM will always serve your customers!

Fixed monthly price

1850 $/month

Business package
Unlimited users

Your Website

Build a powerful responsive site, unlimited traffic. Create a Q&A page, set up the automated meeting log to be managed by clients, create albums, write posts, and everything in a simple and straightforward way without the need for code knowledge.

Management Interface

One management interface to manage all communication with your customers. Simple communication with customers, watch missed calls, monitor calls from new customers (leads), view customer paid invoices, store orders and more.

CEM and not CRM

CRM is system focused primarily on managing customer contacts from organization's point of view. Whereas CEM takes one step further and allows you to manage customer experience completely from the customer's point of view. Which means that every time customer and business are interacting customer will learn something more about your business. The CRM does the exactly opposite.

Media Channels

Cloud switchboards, virtual numbers, IVR, FAX in the cloud, send text messages, receive text messages, VoiceMail, email distribution (coming soon), turn your number into a virtual number and more.

Google promotion *

Promoting your site on Google and exposing it to a suitable audience. Or in short, we make sure you get a sea of phone calls from new customers

Payment solutions *

Web Store, Categories, Products, Purchase Buttons, Credit Standards, Inventory Synchronization, Models, Quantities, Colors, Shipping, and More - Receiving Payments in PayPal, Credit Cards and More, Establishing a Payment Console without the Need for a Multiple Credit Card Companies, Producing an Invoice When Purchasing and Sending Email to customer in a fully automated way.
* in development


Annual payment



No time limit
Only one user
  • 100MB
  • Switchboard in the cloud
  • Virtual numbers
  • Fax in the cloud
  • Ringless FAX
  • Receive SMS
  • Send SMS
  • VoiceMail

Customer Service


Per month for business
Unlimited users
  • 1GB
  • Email plan plus
  • Automatic Call Center
  • Digital Business Card
  • Customer Service Center
  • WhatsApp Virtual Number

Organic Promotion


Per month for business
Unlimited users
  • 1GB
  • Customer Service Plus
  • 3 keywords on your choice
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